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A novel solution for novel corona virus waste

The Novel Bed Project is an initiative by EETech, to provide a greener and more sustainable solution to the waste created by the COVID pandemic. In the past two years, India has generated more than 10,000 tonnes of excess waste from masks and PPE kits alone. And none of it is biodegradable, yes that’s right, the masks you dispose everyday are non-biodegradable. Meaning they end up in landfills or polluting our country. Through EETech’s trademark technology, we can turn your used masks into something useful and reduce the growing waste problem.

The Novel Bed is a tribute to all those we lost during the pandemic. It has been created using only used masks and has been donated to a hospital that faced a shortage of beds. By sending us your us
ed masks, you too can help us to create more such beds that will be provided to hospitals, so they never have to face a shortage again

Be a part of The Novel Bed Project


Collect your single use disposable masks at home. (N95 masks and surgical masks can also be sent)


Cut the strings and collect the masks in a box.


Put the strings in a smaller box and place in the bigger box.


Once you have collected 100 masks or more, ship it to us at the registered address.

Things to keep in mind:


Please don’t send masks that have blood on them.


Please don’t send masks used by COVID positive patients for safety of our staff.


Please send 100 or more masks only to reduce carbon footprint.

Two novel initiatives in one

While The Novel Bed Project aims to reduce the COVID waste problem, it is doing more than just that. Every person that is employed at EETech’s Novel Bed facility and is responsible for making the beds lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through The Novel Bed Project we also aim to further support and uplift other such people.

Two novel initiatives in one

The Novel Citizens

People around the country have joined The Novel Bed Project and are doing their part in making their community free of COVID-19 waste. From collecting masks in residential areas to mask collection drives to special dustbins meant for mask disposal, every little step towards this novel cause is a big step towards a cleaner, greener India.

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