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Binish Desai is a highly accomplished social entrepreneur and innovator who has made significant contributions to the field of environmental engineering and waste management. He is the chairman of EETech Group, which comprises 4 companies that specialize in various aspects of environmental and social innovations.

Dr. Desai is widely recognized for his work on industrial waste recycling and management. He holds a master's degree in environmental engineering and an honorary Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Technology. He started his journey at the young age of 11 by carrying out home-based experiments with chewing gum and paper, which eventually led to his passion for creating sustainable solutions to environmental challenges.

Under his leadership, Eco Eclectic Technology (previously BDream), a lab that focuses on providing cost-effective eco-friendly technologies and solutions for various industrial wastes, has developed over 150 eco-products that have been highly acclaimed for their effectiveness and impact.

Dr. Desai has received numerous national and international awards for his contributions, including being one of the youngest to be awarded the "Rotary International Alumni Global Service" award for South Asia. He was also awarded the Covid Hero Youth Icon of the Year 2020 for his works in recycling PPE kits, and his works have been featured in the WHO bulletin.

In addition, Dr. Desai has been listed on Forbes' "Asia’s 30 Most Successful Social Entrepreneurs under 30" and "Top 10 Social Entrepreneurs of India" lists. He is widely known as the "Waste Warrior" and "Recycle Man of India" for his works in recycling more than 3500 tonnes of industrial waste. He is also a Padma Shri nominee, one of the highest civilian awards in India.

Dr. Desai's life and works have been highly acclaimed, and a book based on his life and achievements titled "The Recycle Man" is being written by renowned bestselling author Dr. Nikhil Chandanwani. Additionally, a Bollywood biopic on his life and works has been announced by NH Studios.

Dr. Desai strongly believes that the concept of "waste" does not exist in nature and that waste is generated by human consumption. Therefore, he has made it his mission to sustainably get rid of waste and eliminate industrial waste from landfills, creating a positive social impact through his innovations. His famous quote, "There is nothing useless in this world; what might be waste to you is someone's asset," encapsulates his ethos and vision for a more sustainable future.

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