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(Previously Eco Eclectic Tech)

A salon for Industrial waste where we convert waste into products that are helping bring a change in the world one waste at a time.


Industrial Waste Recycling

Providing efficient and sustainable solutions for industrial waste recycling, offering businesses a comprehensive recycling service tailored to their specific needs.

Women Empowerment Centers

Nurturing women empowerment through micro social enterprise services, providing training, resources, and support to enable women to create and grow their own sustainable businesses, fostering economic independence and social impact.

Carbon Audit and ESG reporting

Empowering businesses with comprehensive carbon audit and ESG reporting services, driving transparency, accountability, and sustainability in their operations

Eco Movies, Offices and Events

Guiding and executing the transition to eco-friendly movie sets, offices, and events, providing consultation and implementation services for sustainable practices that inspire both creativity and environmental responsibility.

Eco Education

Empowering schools, colleges, organizations, and individuals through waste and sustainability education services, fostering a culture of environmental consciousness and equipping future generations with the knowledge and tools to create a sustainable future.

Developing New Eco Products

One of our most important area of expertise is research and development. We are driving innovation in sustainable solutions through cutting-edge research and development, offering businesses tailored eco product development services to meet evolving market demands. We work on the principle of EETech version of Circular Economy which divides our process into three steps. 



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