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Eco Politics

Young changemakers are joining politics and it has lead to us helping such changemakers make sustainability mainstream through their personal , constituency and policy efforts. Know more below.

Eco Movie Set and Production 

We help various production houses and movie sets to become carbon neutral by analyzing and providing consultations on reducing their emissions and recycling their waste. 

  • Emission Analysis: We conduct a comprehensive assessment of the production's carbon footprint, including energy consumption, transportation, and other emission sources. By analyzing this data, we identify areas with the highest emissions and prioritize actions for reduction.

  • Renewable Energy Integration: We advise on incorporating renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, or bioenergy to power the movie set. This reduces reliance on fossil fuels and minimizes greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity consumption.

  • Efficient Resource Management: We develop strategies to optimize resource usage, including water, electricity, and fuel. This involves implementing energy-efficient lighting systems, water-saving measures, and eco-friendly transportation solutions to minimize waste and promote sustainability.

  • Waste Management and Recycling: We devise waste management plans that ensure each set is Zero Waste and all the waste including the sets are completely recycled into various materials. By setting up recycling stations and educating cast and crew, we ensure that waste is diverted from landfills and recycled.

  • Sustainable Production Practices: We work closely with the production team to promote eco-friendly practices during filming. This includes encouraging the use of digital scripts, minimizing paper usage, and utilizing eco-friendly materials for sets and props. We also provide guidance on responsible sourcing and encourage the use of sustainable suppliers.

Services Provided by us for the Movie Sets

Our company specializes in assisting production houses and movie sets in their journey towards sustainability by implementing a range of strategies and solutions. Here's a short description of how we help make movie sets sustainable:

Pooja Entertainment.png
  • Sustainable Food Practices: We promote sustainable food practices on movie sets, which include food donation and used food composting. Food Donation: We collaborate with local food banks or charitable organizations to facilitate the donation of surplus food from catering services on set. Instead of letting excess food go to waste, we ensure it reaches those in need. Our team works closely with caterers and production staff to identify opportunities for food donation, ensure proper handling and storage, and coordinate timely pickups. Used Food Composting: We encourage the composting of food scraps and organic waste generated during production. 

  • Offset Programs: In cases where complete elimination of emissions is not feasible, we help movie sets participate in carbon offset programs. By investing in eco projects that reduce or remove greenhouse gases elsewhere, such as brick manufacturing using their own waste and creating toilets from them, forest plantations, waste recycling eco centers, etc.

  • Education and Awareness: We conduct workshops and training sessions to raise awareness among cast and crew about sustainable practices on set. By fostering a culture of environmental consciousness, we inspire individuals to adopt sustainable behaviors both during filming and in their personal lives.

By implementing these strategies, we support movie sets in achieving carbon neutrality and minimizing their environmental impact. Our goal is to contribute to a more sustainable film industry and inspire others to follow suit.


Eco Sets

Carbon report Pooja Ent..png

The above case study is of a recent shoot conducted for a production house and the outcomes achieved during the shoot

Our Support

The production houses whom we have worked with on various projects and those who support our initiatives for eco-friendly carbon neutral movie sets

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Eco Shaadi of Dr. Binish and Yashvi

The case study of how this is very unique than any eco wedding you might have attended or heard about. Our unique approach to the environment helps us create a special eco experience for the clients.



  • The front welcome setup was done with Eco Ganesha made from industrial waste.

  • The chairs and sofas were rented.

  • The dinner table decor consisted of local flower arrangements in centerpieces made from papermill and PPE waste.

  • All the rituals were performed in banana plates and reusable utensils.

  • The bridal entry flower chadar was locally sourced with reclaimed wood which post entry was kept as selfie corner for guests.

Impact Report of the wedding


Kilograms of Carbon emission produced during the entire event through carbon footprint audit.


kilogram CO2 emission reduced from entering the atmosphere through various practices directly.


kilogram of carbon emission needed to be offset after calculating the direct impact.


kilogram waste recycled into bricks and 2 toilets were constructed using the bricks and donated to the local village thus offsetting the entire 5970 kilogram of Carbon Emission.

Carbon Audit

  • All the guests were asked to submit their travel plan in advance for the team to calculate the carbon footprint.

  • The entire energy consumption of all the events including the wedding day was kept into consideration.


  • The clothes of the couple was locally sourced and simple which can be reused again at other occasions . 

  • The red shawl was groom's grandfather's and groom's red dupatta was converted into a kurti for the bride later.

  • The safa for groom was rented. 


  • The four trees acted as the pillars that surround the mandap space and were covered with upcycled textile threads and LED lights.

  • The canopy of mandap was made from discarded fabric clothes procured from the hotel along with hanging fresh flower arrangements that were locally sourced and the hanging LED lights were made by Ida Eco Decor.

  • The base of the mandap was reusable wooden pallets that were refurbished from demolition sites and was covered with rented carpet.



  • The food menu in wedding was local cuisine and all the materials were locally sourced.

  • The guests were instructed to take food in portions they wish to finish in order to avoid food wastage.

  • The food was served to all guests in eco plates and bowls made from banana leaves.

  • On the bride and groom family dinner table food was served in eco plates made form coffee waste.

  • Water and Drinks were served in upcycled glasses that were procured from a factory that discarded them due to a fire in the factory.


  • Since it was a zero waste event, there was nothing that went out as waste or was thrown away including bags and napkins.

  • All the waste generated was specifically segregated in special bins and later taken to the Ida eco center and recycled into different products.

  • The fresh unused food was donated to the needy and the food waste/leftover was sent for composting.

  • The flower waste was sent to be converted into organic inscent sticks and soaps.

Prakriti Puja

As a new ritual and part of the ceremony the newly wedded couple introduced eco spirituality where on the next day of the wedding the couple along with their closed ones went to the center and made products from waste and donated it towards a social cause. It is a way of offsetting all the carbon generated by the couple during the process and take an eco pratigya (oath) of staying eco conscious.

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